Inviting to a Pattern Language workshop

After securing a location, outlining the invitation and contacting potential participants, details are now put into written word and sent out to the public.

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TransforMap Patterns Pod Jon change.lab Gualter

after transition

Created a local fork for offline access at

This workshop invites the users, communities and maintainers of the crowdmapping initiative TransforMap to articulate a pattern language of mapping the transformations: a narration about the social, economic and technologic needs of a distributed mapping process.

Thinking about a target domain which does not involve wiki.

The rationale diverges invisibly, while the registration process and travel instructions clarified.

Seeding an initial objectives-programme-compendium triple.

Talking of an abundant Commons as an a priori cognitive condition still requires dedicated expression. Let's collect examples of where and when this has begun.

During anticipation of the workshop, we ran into a falsification fallacy of theories.

Laniakea is Hawaiian and means immeasurable heaven.

Filled target audience, travel instructions, food and accomodation. Ready for propagating forks.

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