unread September 2016

Evidence Rebuts Chomsky's Theory of Language Learning (Scientific American) Paul Ibbotson, Michael Tomasello

Commonsverbünde (keimform) Christian Siefkes, Johannes Euler, Gunter Kramp

The Extraordinary Link Between Deep Neural Networks and the Nature of the Universe (MIT Technology Review) Emerging Technology from the arXiv

Type is your right Helen V. Holmes

Having A Child in the Age of Humans (Fit Yourself Club) Joe Brewer

Under Empire, All Life is Imperiled (counterpunch) Javier Sethness Castro

A Cyborg Manifesto – Donna Haraway (Body Without Organs) Cayden Mak

Whatever happened to the Cyborg Manifesto? (Mute) Maria Fernandez and Suhail Malik

Openwashing and other deceptions in Linux (IgnorantGuru's Blog) IgnorantGuru

Why you need version control (Peter's stats stuff) Peter Ellis

The MIT License, Line by Line (/dev/lawyer) Kyle E. Mitchell, 21.09.2016

Exploring the Gap Between Business-as-Usual and Utter Doom (post carbon institute) Richard Heinberg, 19.09.2016

Capitalism and (De)Growth (degrowth) Susan Paulson, 22.09.2016

Confessions of a Necromancer (Moving Pieces) Pieter Hintjens, 20.09.2016

Hexperiment (Adventures in Mapping) John, 21.09.2016

I Used to Be a Human Being (New York Magazine, select/all) Andrew Sullivan, 18.09.2016

A Dream Of An Algorithm (institute of network cultures) Agnieszka Zimolag, 23.09.2016